Wolf Creek Faeries

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Formerly, the Online Forum for the Faeries who Gather at Wolf Creek.

For five years, this place was the online forum for all the people who love Wolf Creek Sanctuary.

It was the place where we could gather, in as close an approximation of online heartspace as possible, to commune, to share experiences, to keep in touch with one another between gatherings on the Land.

Over time, its original intent fell away, and it became a place where diatribe and politics took precedence, a place where heartspace was compromised again and again by blame and bitter histories.

The spirit of warmth and balance that once graced this forum has withdrawn.

This is no longer the place for those that love Wolf Creek Sanctuary to commune online. It is a museum, a commemoration of a battlefield, a haunted house. People may post what they wish here, but those that come here should be aware that it is not Wolf Creek Sanctuary, it is not a true revealing of what Wolf Creek Sanctuary itself actually is, and always will be: a Place of Love and Mystery.

If you want to know more about the Mystery, go to the source: visit the Land itself, and find what you seek there.

If you are interested in finding out more about Nomenus, the Radical Faerie Church that maintains Wolf Creek Sanctuary, contact the Land, or visit

If you are interested in finding out more about the gatherings that take place over the year at Wolf Creek, join the Wolf Creek Beltane or the Wolf Creek Samhain tribes, here on, or the Wolf Creek Sanctuary group on Facebook.

If you are interested in being part of a non-dogmatic, non-denominational congregation that reaches for an all-inclusive understanding of what it means to be two-spirit or faerie, please join The All-Star Mystery Church tribe here on (and remember -- if the message of The All-Star Mystery Church calls to you, you are already a member of the The All-Star Mystery Church.)

This Tribe is now moderated by Grandmother Maple.

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Grandmother Maple
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